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Save Time

Make better use of your employee’s time and yours too. IoT technology automatically collects your data, which translates into time and cost savings.

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Real-time Monitoring & Alerts

Keep on top of your critical production metrics and stay in control to prevent small issues from turning into big costs.

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Greater Productivity

Easily monitor, record, control and optimise processes to obtain the best performance from your resources.

Sensors available from only £6.80 per month*

* Based upon 24 month rental contract. Requires access to a LoRaWAN gateway and GlasCore subscription.

Cost-effective tech solutions tailored to Your needs

IoT devices and sensors save you time, money and reduce waste while boosting your productivity and yield. You can rest assured that you’ll be notified if your business isn’t running smoothly. Real-time alerts highlight poor performance and prevent small issues from turning into big costs. The Internet of Things removes repetitive tasks from your operation, such as checking water meter readings, so you have more time to focus your attention on important tasks. Find the right devices for your business and see the results for yourself. Get in touch and get IoT technology to work for you.

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Manage and monitor key aspects of Your business with an ever-increasing range of IoT technology

Precision farming requires farmers to adapt to a new technology-driven practice which demands collecting, managing and analysing data to make informed decisions quickly. As the fourth agricultural revolution drives the adoption of new technology, every day the innovative agri-tech market becomes more flooded with a vast amount of data sources that are fragmented.

GlasCore brings all these data sources together, so farmers can manage all the vital aspects of their business quickly and easily. Real-time monitoring allows farmers to make their production more efficient and sustainable while identifying improved performance standards and practice. The agricultural Internet of Things is tailored to the farmer’s needs. Finding the right sensor for the right job can offer immediate improvements by saving time and money.

The ability to manage various data types and sources on one screen is something the industry has never seen before. GlasCore offers simple data management in one place with one login. Get in touch to streamline your business management.

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Tell me more about the right Sensor Solution to suit my needs

Discover the flexibility of renting Your IoT devices and sensors

We provide Hardware as a Service (HaaS) which allows you to adapt to your business needs as they change. HaaS is tailored to dynamic, high-growth businesses. It allows you to rent the IoT devices and sensors that are critical to your operation. Match your subscription plan to your current business needs so your business can grow and maintain high performance levels.

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Cost Savings

Get all the tech you need for less. Match your business needs and only pay for what you use.

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Dynamic Flexibility

Change your subscription whenever you need to. We aim to support you and your business needs as they evolve.

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Latest Tech Upgrades

Take advantage of renting devices and sensors so you can upgrade to the latest advancements in technology.